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About us

    Our story started in 1991. A lot of it has been changed since then up to now. Year by year we have been improving our company by capacity expanding, investing in equipment, employing more and more people. We have been trying to be a step ahead in a textile industry. Since the very beginning our company has been doing its best to improve the production of materials and other textile products in the way that we keep up with market trends and technology development. By doing this we succeed in producing high quality fabrics trying to meet customers' demands, quickly and efficiently. The primary focus of our business is above all the quality of the product and the whole team of the company is oriented to that.

   In order to meet each customer's demand we work closely with reliable suppliers, we keep up with customers' needs, invest in new technologies and motivate our employees to do their best. A lot of effort has been made and a lot of focused work has been invested in our company which is shown by the results. Continuity in doing business, keeping up with market trends, fashion, technology development represent the only way so that company records the positive trend of doing business and this is exactly the policy we keep to.